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Anchors "Lost at the Bottom of the World" LP (White/Brown Half-n-Half)

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Featuring 12 tracks of blazing, technical, and mesmerizing modern punk rock, "Lost At The Bottom Of The World" picks up where the band's debut LP, "Bad Juju" left off. ANCHORS have a special tendency to write insanely catchy melodies while shredding your face off with riffs that would make most metal bands proud. This record is sure to surprise and please fans of of the band, and followers of the melodic hardcore persuasion alike!


Side A:
1. Death Rattle
2. Everything's Amazing and Nobody's Happy
3. Break Classic
4. Tour Dogs
5. Cold Snap
6. Safety First, Then Teamwork

Side B:
7. High and Low
8. From Miles Above
9. Lazarus Sign
10. Grimes
11. Coastlines
12. New Limit

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-300pcs Pressed
-Includes Digital Download