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Backmasker "Effigies" 10" EP (Tri-Color w/ Splatter)

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Throughout the 5 tracks that make up their debut 10" EP, "Effigies", BACKMASKER delves into territories that would please fans of Bad Religion, Hot Water Music, and Megadeth alike. While there's no shortage of riffs and headbangin' moments throughout the record, they also know how to expertly craft and execute memorable song structures and undeniable hooks. These guys know what they're doing, and they do it well. BACKMASKER's debut 10" EP is diverse, interesting, and technically proficient punk rock at its finest.


Side A:
1) Firestarter
2) Black and Grey
3) Desolation Lake

Side B:
4) Leaver
5) Expiration

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-Digital Download Card included