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Heartsounds "Internal Eyes" LP (Grey/White Half-n-Half)

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HEARTSOUNDS' 3rd LP & follow-up to 2011's "Drifter" (Epitaph Records) sees the band reaching an interesting new level of songwriting and musicianship, focusing heavily on technically driven, heavy metal-influenced guitar work, thundering drums, and harmony laden melodic dual vocal performances between guitarist/vocalists Laura Nichol and Ben Murray. While the band has amplified their love of the riff and faster tempos, the ten tracks that comprise Internal Eyes manage to retain the punk-rock heart and hook-driven structures that many fans of the band's first two albums have come to appreciate. Internal Eyes manages to delve into exciting new ground for the band both musically and vocally, while retaining the same 90's Epitaph/Fat-Wreck inspired foundation that has shaped the band's sound thus far.

"Internal Eyes" Tracklisting:

Side A:
1) A Total Separation of Self
2) Cycles
3) Internal Eyes
4) Can't Always Be Looking Down
5) Where Are You?

Side B:
6) Constant Crossroads
7) Spiraling
8) First Light
9) Afterthoughts
10) The World Up There

Pressing Info:
-2nd Pressing
-500 Pressed
-180g Vinyl
-Digital Download Included!