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Realms of Vision "Through All Unknown" Digipak CD

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“Through All Unknown” is the world-destroying debut full-length LP from the Bay Area’s own REALMS OF VISION!

Featuring Frank Costa (Animosity/Entheos) on Guitar/Vocals and Mike Ambrose (Set Your Goals) on drums, the California hard-hitters are road-worn experts in their craft, and the 9 tracks that comprise their Creator-Destructor debut reveal that resoundingly. From the eerie opening of the intro, “Invoke” straight into the absolutely decimating sludge/stoner riffage of “State of Silence”, the listener can tell immediately that REALMS of VISION know what the fuck they’re doing- While combining down-tuned, expertly-written riffs and song-structures is the band’s speciality, the powerful vocals of frontman/guitarist Frank Costa harken back to the best and darkest aspects of 90’s grunge, with a clean-singing approach that adds crucial memorable hooks to the band’s sound, while not detracting from the sheer heaviness in the slightest. Creating such a unique sound is no easy feat, but REALMS OF VISION have succeeded in spades.

REALMS OF VISION began in 2015, and have been establishing a name for themselves regionally with their special blend of slow destruction. While their debut EP introduced the world to the band’s sonic intent, “Through All Unknown” serves as a massive accomplishment in the band’s progression. Frank Costa explains:

“‘Through All Unknown’” is an album about trudging down the path of reality. It explores life and death, the natural world, the dark powers that control our lives, and trying to connect with a spirit greater than ourselves.  The music has expanded melodically and thematically from the "Unrevenged" EP, while still keeping the influences heard on that release very much alive. "Through All Unknown" is the first major step in our identity as a band, and we can't wait to keep exploring.”

Tracks like “Deception Mask” and “Isolation’s Crown” reveal a combination of influences such as Alice in Chains, High on Fire, Type O’ Negative and Black Sabbath - An amalgamation of darkness, melody, and esoteric intensity, potently paired with the modern flare of Costa’s slam/death metal tendencies on guitar from his years in San Francisco’s furiously technical hometown heroes, ANIMOSITY.