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The Stereo State "Have All My Friends Gone Deaf?" CD

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For their debut full-length, THE STEREO STATE entered Black and Blue studios in New Bedford, MA in May of 2011 with producer/engineer Trevor Reilly (A Wilhelm Scream). The result is 11 tracks of emotionally hard-hitting and genuine punk rock in the vein of Samiam, Farside, and Lifetime.


Trevor Reilly states: "When The Stereo State came to record with me, it really felt like a party was rolling through.I could tell immediately that these four guys were the best of friends and really just had the best time with each other, and it shows in the music they create. I could tell they couldnt give less of a shit about being popular or famous, all they cared about was these songs they labored over with love. I heard flashes of Bouncing Souls, Black Train Jack and even Lifetime in these jams. The honesty of east coast punk permeating every chord and drum fill and it brought me back to when i was a kid hearing those groups for the first time. Their songs were from the heart and catchy as fuck. Such a rarity these days. I am honored they let me produce this record and I am proud that we share the same home state. Timeless energetic rock music that aims for your soul, not your wallet"


"Have All My Friends Gone Deaf?" is sure to infuse a wave of nostalgia into fans of 90's Fat/Epitaph punk rock, as well as please fans of more mid-tempo acts like Jawbreaker and Dinosaur Jr. However, while the band doesn't hide their influences, THE STEREO STATE has succeeded in establishing a sound and presence that they can call their own: a truly refreshing and admirable quality in modern punk rock!


Track Listing
1) Ahhgust
2) Soldier's Home
3) As Honest as I Can Be
4) Not at Fault
5) Horse to Hell
6) Overchurr
7) No Constellation
8) Tug of War
9) Cherry Street
10) No Faith No Fear
11) Shitfaced